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8-tonne truck mounted crane

The TS-75ML Truck Crane offers maximum total rated loads of 4.9t. It also offers a working radius of 20.5m as well as a four-section fully hydraulically synchronised telescoping boom of box construction. Additionally, it’s fitted with a variety of safety devices including over-winding cutouts and an elevation counterbalance valve.



Standard boom 6,6-21,3m
On Outriggers
Working range 360°
TS - 75M – max. total rated load 4.9 ton

Crane specifications

Crane capacity 6.6m Boom 4,900kg at 2.5m Single top-1,400kg. (1 part-line)
Max lifting height Boom 21.3m, single top 21.8m
Max working radius Boom 20.5m, single top 20.5m
Boom length 6.6m – 21.3m
Boom extension speed 14.7m/32s
Outriggers Fully extended width: 4.4m, middle extended width: 3.0m
Max outrigger load 9.0t
Boom elevation angle -7' - 80'
Boom 4-section fully hydraulically synchronised telescoping boom
Safety devices Automatic moment limiter (AML), with working range limiting function, over-winding cutout, level gauge, hook safety latch, hydraulic safety valve, telescopic counterbalance valve, elevation counterbalance valve, jack pilot check valve, front jack over load alarm

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